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Just like your company, every business needs good people to work for their projects, establishments or to fill-up certain important position. They are responsible for searching the best quality workers/ people for their business. But who has the time to take the risk of traveling places, sourcing and recruiting those important people for your business? Finding the right people or worker isn’t very easy… That is why NOOR will take the responsibility to search the right people or workers for your company.


Inform NOOR about your manpower needs and NOOR will do the manpower pooling for your company.

NOOR has the capacity to deploy workers within reasonable period of time under ordinary circumstances. Recruitment and processing of documents may take from 4 to 5 weeks from the date upon receive of JOB ORDERS.

Our company is capable of handling processing of badly needed workers within the period of two weeks for accredited companies.


By confirming your JOB ORDER we perform the following processes:


All recommended workers for possible overseas employment are carefully screened and rigidly tested. An overall appraisal of their suitability for the job is done through in-depth technical interviews geared towards gaining a deeper insight into the applicant’s qualification and competence.

  • Sourcing the correct Candidates though:
    • Our Computerized Data Base (ARIS SYSTEM).
    • Our website online (www.noorinternationalpersonnel.com).
    • Our subscription for the widest Employee search websites (Work Abroad, JobsDB, & Jobstreet).
    • Advertisement with the Local newspaper & Radio Ads.
    • Attending Jobs Fair & Provincial Recuitment all around Philippines.
    • Head Hunting for the Employer Company similar activities.
  • Pre-qualification procedure:
    • Initial Screening or Preliminary Interview
    • Personal Assessment
    • Verbal Interview
    • Educational Background
    • References/ Work Investigation
    • In-Depth Interview
    • Actual Test On Trade
    • In-House Psychological examination
  • Pre-qualification procedure:
    • NOOR can provide our clients with all the facilities in making their final selection of their needed workers for and in behalf of our foreign employers with full guaranty on the workers competence and capabilities
  • Mode of Finalization
    • Through NOOR’s guaranty
    • Through submission of Curriculum Vitae (CV’s) to the employer by e-mail or through telephone or webcam interview.
    • Through the final interview of the employers representative.

Upon the employer’s request, NOOR may arrange skills testing designed to test and assess the actual skills required by our principals with credible and accredited government & private institutions and trade test centers.


All selected workers are required to undergo and pass the standard medical examinations, to include AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) and Blood Chemistry. The said medical examinations are conducted by Clinics duly approved and accredited by the DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, DEPARTMENT OF LABOR and CONSULAR AGENCIES.


  • NOOR is staffed with competent personnel needed to process the required travel documents of the selected workers. Our documentation specialists personally monitor and assure the prompt processing of the passport, overseas employment certificate, visas and other related clearances and documents.
  • Upon receiving the Manpower Request (Job Order) from our Clients & we are working on it, our Client must work on the preparation of the required authenticated documents needed to start the preparation for the line-up, also to process the selected candidates, for that we area formally in need for the following documents while we are working:
    • Special Power of Attorney
    • Employment Contract
    • Demand Letter (Job Order)
    • Copy of the Client Commercial registration or business license.
    • Employment Visa upon the candidate becomes medically fit to work.
  • The 1st four items must be authenticated from the nearest Philippines Embassy near the Client Site
    • Some Advisory for the Client in preparing the required documents.
  • The Employment Contract must be signed hand written page by page by the signatory of the Company.
  • The Name will be written in the Special Power of Attorney as Noor Representative must be Filipino National
    • Visa Stamping
      • Some Countries need to stamp the Visa of the candidates on their Passport, in this case the clients must prepare Visa Authority, however in some Countries the Client can prepare the Employment Visa upon the candidate become fit to work using the copy of the Candidate Passport.

To ensure the good performance, NOOR conducts intensive orientation session to better prepare the worker for the psychological and physical demands for the job. This section includes among other information on country of designation, principal’s economy, employment, terms and conditions, principal’s expectation on selected workers and other pertinent information.


Normally for the accredited clients it takes maximum 10 to 15 days upon the Candidate become medically fir to work to be in the Client state.


Our Company agrees to replace in our expense the workers who are repatriated for causes listed and stipulated here under:

  • Contract workers who are found to be physically unfit for the job (Coverage of the guaranty does not cover diseases that will require special procedures and examinations for their detection such as bronchoscope, cholera, GI, etc.)
  • Contract workers who are found unfit and incompetent for their job they have applied for during the first ninety (90) days of employment from date of their arrival at the job site. (Provide, however, that the said worker has not been selected by the employer, this covers only the workers who are selected and finalized by NOOR, and furthermore, if the employer finalized the selection by himself, the company’s responsibility falls only if the selected worker is unfit physically.

In addition, if the employer decides to dismiss the worker for being incompetent for the job, we should be furnished with a legal document which is signed and which bears the thumb mark of the dismissed worker. This document should also be authenticated by the Philippine Embassy near the company’s site to prevent any complaint upon the candidate arrival in the Philippines. Please note that we will refer the repatriated workers to a reliable trade test center to re-evaluate them and whatever the result maybe it will be taken into consideration before we will take responsibility for the repatriated workers.

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